DIY vs Delegate

Fred Wilson talks about the tension between doing things yourself as a founder and delegating to employees. While it can be tempting to keep control for as long as possible, we believe that one of the biggest mistakes a founder can make is to wait too long to start delegating meaningful work. Link.


Invest in Lines, Not Dots

Mark Suster’s take on why investors like to see a trend line before committing their capital. At the Maryland Venture Fund, we are always thinking about building relationships and we believe that entrepreneurs should be approaching investors in the same way. As Mark says, “if we get married you’re stuck with us, too.” Link.


If You Build It, Will They Come?

Blake Masters’ notes from Peter Thiel’s CS183 course at Stanford. A longer read, but one of the most comprehensive takes out there on getting a product into the hands of end-users. The companies that change the world do so through a combination of exceptional technology and adoption. Link.


Pitch Deck Collection from VC Funded Startups

Alexander Jarvis’ collection of pitch decks from notable startups at their (relatively) early stages. Many of these decks are fantastic sources of inspiration and all of them are a reminder of the humble beginnings that all startups share. Link.



Hiring, Managing, Promoting, and Firing Executives

Marc Andreessen on the most important decisions startups face. As every savvy investor will tell you, it’s all about people. Link.


The 2015 Ultimate Guide To Startup Sales Tools

Courtesy of Nic Poulos at Bowery Capital, a comprehensive guide to sales tools that can help add leverage to startups as they scale. Link.


Top 10 Mistakes Getting to $100M ARR

From two-time entrepreneur Jason Lemkin, a guide on what pitfalls to avoid while scaling a SaaS business. A reminder that the best entrepreneurs learn from their failures even when they are succeeding at a high level. Link.