Fugue Emerges to Solve Complexity of Operating at Scale in the Cloud

Fugue, Inc. announced today the availability of its cloud-native solution for fully automating the deployment, operations and enforcement of cloud infrastructure at scale. Enterprises are moving to the cloud to increase competitiveness and efficiency. However, complexity explodes in the cloud, and achieving those goals is challenging, as most DevOps teams today are forced to manually stitch together disparate tool sets. Fugue tackles this complexity with a cohesive system that allows DevOps professionals to define infrastructure upfront, leverage a runtime component to ensure that all cloud resources remain consistent with that definition, and automatically correct configuration drift. Furthermore, Fugue eliminates wasteful and error-prone cloud maintenance burdens that slow innovation and increase compliance and security risks.

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Mitral valve repair device 100 percent successful in first human clinical study

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have developed a device that has a 100 percent success rate in repairing the mitral heart valve in its first human clinical study, with results published in the journal Circulation.

The device, called Harpoon TSD-5, is a needle wrapped with 50 coils of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that is image guided to provide a less invasive measure to mitral valve repair compared to open heart surgery.

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Expect the Maryland Venture Fund to lead more investment rounds

Maryland Venture Fund’s lead investment in an expanded Series A round in a health technology company based in the state is the start of what its director sees as the future of the taxpayer-backed fund.

Columbia, Maryland-based Healthcare Interactive announced May 11 a $3.4 million add-on investment to bring its total A round to more than $11.8 million. Vienna-based Grotech Ventures and Birmingham, Alabama-based Harbert Management Corp., among others, are also investors in the round.

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