Executive Spotlight—CEO Farzad Mostashari says Aledade supports the doctors ‘doing God’s work’

Farzad Mostashari, M.D., is back near the frontlines of medicine.

After spending a chunk of his career creating policy in Washington, D.C., Mostashari is now running Aledade, the company he co-founded in 2014 to help independent physician practices transition to value-based models.

It’s work he believes in. And it’s not so much being a physician that helps him understand what practices face.

“To me, it’s more our spirit of service of going and seeing that the primary care doctors in rural Arkansas are just doing God’s work,” he said. “They know their patients. They are so connected to their communities. It’s just humbling to be able to support them. I think that’s the key thing—having the spirit of humility and service rather than a [medical] degree.”

Aledade is helping practices stay independent by bringing them together into accountable care organizations (ACOs). Mostashari thinks it’s a model that can help solve some of the healthcare system’s biggest problems by improving the quality of patient care and reducing costs.

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